The 7th World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference started in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province on May 16, 2018.
At the conference, the main forum for 2018 China (Kunshan) China Import Expo, participants discussed the latest development and challenge in the world economy and investment, promoted closer cooperation in global business communities, and shared the important opportunities in global economic growth.
At the opening ceremony, Chen Zhou, vice chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said China’s economic growth has entered a new era as the country actively implements a high-level reform and opening-up, accelerates the pace to build a new open economic system and fully promotes the Belt and Road initiative. The conference provided a platform for exchange and connection for business leader across the world.
It was great opportunity for Advisor/Master Trainer Mr. Hasnain Javed  to become part along the global leaders at World Business Leaders Conference 2018 in Khunshan, China.With the Chairman Candy, Shanghai Daicheng Industrial Company, Limited (Manufacturers and Exporters), Mr Rajesh Aggarwal Chief, Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business, International Trade Centre, Geneva,Switzerland, Mr Albane Salzberg (Member Relations and Sponsorship Manager, European Union Chamber of commerce in China, Eng. Randa Al Ojaily (President, Raqqa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Damascus, Syria), Abina Nesitang (Counsellor, Ambassade Du Togo En Republique Populaire De Chine), Mr Albert Wang (Operational Manager, National Class A Registered Structural Engineer, Bewellcn Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd) and Mr Zhu Baorong (Director, Divison of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce, Jiangsu Province)
Rajesh Aggarwal, chief of Business and Trade Policy, International Trade Center, made a brief but in-depth survey of the new opportunities in world development in his keynote speech. He said technology and globalization are driving global economic growth but also creating inequality, unfairness, and challenges that no single country can solve alone. He also said e-commerce breaks down the geographic limits and helps people overcome social and cultural barriers, expecting more changes to the world economy. He also spoke highly of China’s e-commerce development.
President Xi Jinping said at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 that China’s door of opening-up will not be closed and will only open even wider. What has happened proves that opening-up was key to China’s economic growth over the past 40 years and in the same vein, high-quality development of China’s economy in the future can only be achieved with greater openness. Kunshan is at the frontline of China’s reform and opening-up. Since 2012, the conference held in Kunshan has become a significant platform for exchange, cooperation and sharing for world business leaders. In the future, as the conference gets more mature, it will further drive Kunshan City, Suzhou City, and even Jiangsu Province to take the lead in China’s new economic reality.