Technical Assistance

PITAC offers a comprehensive array of technical assistance and support services to the Public and Privateengineering sectors in Pakistan.SME’s and industry are being benefitted by PITAC through its Technological Back Up Support & Advisory Services in the fields like Design and Development of Jigs and Fixtures, Manufacturing of Gauges, Heat Treatment Facilities, 3D CAD/CAM, Mold Designing, Mold Processing, Assembly & Polishing,CNC Machining Centre, EDM/Wire Cut & Injection Molding.
Some areas where we offer technical assistance are as follows:

  • Plastic Injection Mould making & repairing
  • Heat Induction Metal Hardening
  • CNC Turning Centres
  • Advanced Jig Grinding & Boring
  • CMM measuring- Mitutoyo
  • Calibration
  • EDM & Wire Cut


Major Jobs Executed

  • Inspection Gauges:(i) Snap Gauges (ii) Plug Gauges (iii) Ring Gauge (iv) Depth
  • Gauges
  • Manufacturing of Dies and punches
  • From Grinding
  • Profile Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding of Shafts
  • Jig Boring of Jig Plates
  • Manufacturing of Pillars and Bushes
  • Grinding of End Mill Cutters
  • Wire Cutting of Metal Plates
  • Die Polishing CMM Measuring of Tray Surface Rectification of Grinding Fixture
  • Designing and Manufacturing of Breaker Housing Mold
  • Hob Cutter Relieving
  • Inspection of Miscellaneous Gauges
  • Calibration of vacuum and Temperature Gauges
  • Calibration of Dial Indicator
  • Calibration of Safety valve
  • Calibration of Hydrometer and Digital Dial
  • Calibration of Hardness Tester
  • Calibration of Biosters

Please contact our Marketing or Industrial Engineering Department for assistance and enquires