PITAC Team consisted of Mr. Akhlaque Ahmed (Director Training Division), Mr. Muhammad Irfan Afzal (Assistant Director Training Division), Mr. Saif Ullah Khan (Assistant Director Training Division) and Mr. Waheed Dhakku (Instructor, Chinese Language) visited Enablers Head Office in Lahore on 8-July-2021 to discuss and explore the opportunities in the retail Amazon marketplace that allows & enable people who want to start their own business.
The team met with Mr. Saqib Azhar, who is CEO & Co-Founder of Enablers, which is a platform with the goal of creating 2 million employment opportunities in Pakistan by 2023. Mr.Saqib Azhar has established the world’s largest Amazon-focused Facebook group and has years of experience in technology, digital marketing, and e-commerce.
Both parties agreed to work together for promotion of E-Commerce courses via PITAC platform. Expectedly, Enabler team will visit to PITAC HQ for further developments.