A story of PITAC Successful Journey towards Industrial Development

The government of Pakistan established Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC) in 1962 with the merger of Industrial Research and Development Centre (IRDC) and Industrial Productivity Centre (IPC) under the administrative control of Ministry of Industries with its headquarter in Lahore and  regional offices in Karachi, Peshawar, Gilgit Baltatistan, Mirpur (AK) & Quetta. PITAC is rendering technical assistance to the industry by way of designing and manufacturing of production tooling equipment, prototyping, and rendering training services to engineers, supervisors and technicians from a variety of industries throughout the country. It has a track record of services and considered as the mother of several technologies. In 70’s, PITAC provided it’s services to Metal Advising Services “MAS” – a cell,  which was developed within PITAC to provide technical assistance to Pakistan steel Mills (PSM) under the supervision of Egyptian Metallurgist Dr. Kamal Hussain. Further, the valuable customers of PITAC are Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), NDC, Millat Equipment Limited (MEL), Millat tractor Limited (MTL), Honda, Synthetic Product Enterprise Limited (SPEL) and many small and medium industries others. Glimpse

PITAC also facilitates import substitution by providing assistance to original equipment manufacturers and vendors.  It also provides in-house training facilities to the new & existing industries to improve their production and technical capabilities.

This booklet takes you on a brief journey of how PITAC is helping its stakeholders in gaining technical trainings that how PITAC is contributing in the industry’s development and the country’s economy.

others.Glimpse PITAC also provides import subsidies to its customers and providing in-house training facilities to the new & existing industries to improve their production and technical capabilities.  This booklet takes you on a brief journey of how PITAC is helping its stakeholders in gaining technical trainings that how PITAC is contributing in the industry’s development and the country’s economy.

Where We Are Driving Industrial Progress


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PITAC ensures reliably, efficiency and facilitates cost reduction to customers. We deal with a lot of different kinds of products. As an example Johnson & Johnson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, which offers one of the world’s largest range of consumer healthcare products, gave PITAC a work order (no. 26928) of a four cavity mold for one of their Lotion bottle and cap.

After few modification cycles succeeding the trial shot, the mold was ready to be delivered to customer.

This type of mold design was completely novel to PITAC and we took great pleasure to design this type of mold which took a great deal of specificity and astuteness. The customer also appreciated PITAC’s effort in making a successful product.


There were several intricacies that our design team had to face while designing and manufacturing the Bottle’s cap because it had to have a screw as well as a lid opening mechanism which had to be carefully thought of. This design made us face significant challenges because we had to use double sealed bearings (needle bearings) in conjunction with rack and pinion in order to facilitate the extraction of thread forming core on the bottle cap. Further, the dexterous designers made the 2D and 3D drawing manually because at that time PITAC was not using any type of software. That was a fine achievement of PITAC at that time to design and fabricate the mold without any proper setup of machinery and soft wares.

In 1998, PITAC has had not the facility of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, and it was very difficult to work with few conventional machines like milling, lathe, shaper and grinding etc., but the PITAC team skilfully and successfully completed the mold facing a lot of intricacies and troubles. This achievement is a proud for the PITAC that without any advanced setup and facilities, it was able to come up with solution.

In contrast to the mold imported from the china, the PITAC manufactured mold was more reliable and efficient to work. Also, in the monetary terms, it was cost efficient with a max warranty in comparison to the other market molds.

The average production of the mold was 60,000 bottles per year.




Tipu Sultan Road New Mozang Road Lahore

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A customer approached PITAC for the sake of designing and manufacturing mold of small pencil sharpener. The design was based on several complexities. The designing of a product requires a proper research and development strategy and during this every aspect, that can obstruct the developmental activity, is considered. Following this approach, the first point under discussion before the designing phase was the angle of the blade because a child’s way of inserting a pencil into a sharpener is different as compared to that of an adult therefore it needed to be accounted for by altering geometry of the sharpener hole so that the sharped pencil tip does not break.

PITAC, utilizing the in-depth knowledge & experience of designers, offers its clients the ever possible best designed product. On this project, the dedicated and well educated team of experienced designers as well as the machine shop experts analyzed the product keeping in mind the product user as well as reliability of the part. They carefully calibrated the angle and other design requirements necessary to achieve a successful product. And these experts proved their capabilities in the form of successful trail shot.

This was a 12 cavity mold. As the designing procedure was keenly followed by the designers likewise the team of engineers and foremen, the mold was manufactured in first go and ready for delivery after the trail shot. The machining process like milling, boring, drilling, grinding and lapping were performed in the machine shop which is the biggest shop of PITAC and the other operations like cavity and core making, wire cut operation, and assembly were performed in the Plastic Mold Design (PMD) – (the project of JICA). After the successful completion of one mold, the customer order the manufacturing of further two molds.