A Ray Of Sunlight

[lo_drop_caps style=”square-light” tag=””]A ray of sunlight pierced through the room’s windows and bathed my face. I woke up fresh after a blissful night of no load-shedding. I moved out to the lounge where I heard for the first time cheerful chattering of my parents while reading the newspaper. They were appreciating the induction of bullet trains in our economy as it has considerably reduced the distances and ease the mobility with major reduction in the travel expenses, while the double digit growth rates also reduced the prices of basics necessities like flour, sugar, fruits, meat and vegetables now it is easily accessible and affordable to every segment of the society. [/lo_drop_caps]Pakistanis feel happy and content with high standard of living due to the establishment of industrial zones, cottage industries, educational and vocational institutes etc. Pakistan seems to be finally breaking shackles and developing. It was all due to the advent of the Panama leaks case in Pakistan. Mr Nawaz Sharif the ruling party Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has put forth his resignation due to dignity and honor, and before any further investigations has put all his wealth at the disposal of government. After his generous and dignified act all other individuals in same situation under the name of Panama has disposed off their wealth to the Pakistan economy.
Meanwhile, I turned on the news channel airing a peaceful dialogue on a talk show discussing that Pakistan is no longer under IMF’s debt with phenomena like corruption, money laundering, nepotism completely eradicated from the country. Mr Nawaz positive action after Panama played a significant role in the economy. And to put the cherry on top all the corrupt individuals have surrendered and having worse time behind the bars. Moreover, all their illegal money and assets are at disposal for Pakistan economy. On other hand, there are proper planning, designing and honest implementation of educational reforms, health reforms, social reforms, economic reforms, police reforms and political reforms in every corner of Pakistan. It seems that Pakistan is a chunk of paradise on earth which has flourished and nourished beyond the set standards raised by other developed economies.
Suddenly, I felt a beep and vibration on my bed. As I opened my eyes I found my body drenched due to load-shedding. Despite the heat and humidity in the room I searched for my mobile and attended a call saying that group of five friends are waiting for me in lawn.
It took me few seconds to sink in the fact that beautiful picture I had of Pakistan was a dream not reality. So keeping a close eye on the current state of affairs rather than wandering about what a stunning dream I just had, I immediately went to take shower but luck was not with me this day because there was no single drop of water coming from tap due to power failure from the past 8 hours.
Thus, I went downstairs without doing much effort and before I reached the lawn I heard the heated gossip going on about Pakistan politics.
One of my friends said the Supreme Court of Pakistan can exert the right to disqualify Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif based on the evidences from Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report.
Then a second friend put forth the argument that there should be early elections and it’s time for Nawaz Sharif to resign.
The third friend said, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan also reserves the right to inquire Nawaz Sharif on the JIT report.
The fourth friend gave his stance that Pakistan is once again going to experience political dharnas or rallies.
The fifth believes that army will intervene to smooth out the political stability in the country.
Then lastly, I was of view that Pakistan is only going to experience possible Politics, Politics and just Politics once again. Thus, whatever the law permits Nawaz Sharif must do, and do the right thing by democracy. The JIT report submitted to the Supreme Court has been viewed over by experts, politicians and even citizens. Seemingly, this report is not perfect and Nawaz Sharif and his family have already raised serious objections on it before the Supreme Court of Pakistan provides the final verdict. Besides this, JIT has laid serious charges against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children. Logically, no democratic order ought to have Prime Minister operational under such a dark heavy cloud of accusations. In contrary, the ruling party may urge their leader to stay in office hunker down and fight.
But on the other hand, the Prime Minister has clear alternative paths such as to step aside and fight on whatever the charges are brought against him or his children in court and if he is not proven guilty and clear of the charges he can return to his office with honor and dignity. Stepping aside now will not be an admission of guilt, indeed it would be considered a necessary sacrifice for restoration and strengthening of the democratic order.
The other option for Nawaz Sharif is to call a snap election. Even if, Mr. Sharif’s case is sent to NAB, the caretaker government would disperse concerns of a manipulated process whereas NAB being prone to intense interference by the executive. Therefore, a fair yet speedy process would allow Nawaz Sharif to contest the next election without a cloud of suspicion hanging over him and his family with assumption that the NAB process clears the family.
Thus, the crux of the matter is we are all right and we are all wrong too, as we have all seen the JIT Report from different perspectives. Yet politics, politics and politics will be the fate of the ongoing political series in Pakistan.