Learn Chinese and Earn Future…Online E learning .¬†#Special_offer.Distance learning program . First time in Pakistan..Learn Chinese at your home,get certified from Government of China and earn future….
China is an upcoming economic power on the global level. CPEC has flung its gates wide open for all Pakistanis to get benefit from the Chinese job market, trade and educational opportunities. Pakistanis of all age groups are invited to learn the Chinese language under the supervision and guidance of certified Chinese language teachers by any of the following methods:

1) Lahore based classrooms learning.
2) Internet online based classes.
3) Home based learning packages with Urdu,English book (Standard Chinese For All) audio-visual DVDs/ SD Memory card (AV-Aids).

lCciLahore city,Punjab Province, Pakistan.

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Class duration…… 2 months (physical class at PITAC) … Advance level (online class) PKRs
Class per week……. 2

Course pack charges….. 12,000 PKR
Video recorded 4 DVDs and 310 pages color book written in Urdu and English language