What is Democracy?

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What is Democracy? Democracy is the name of the period between every two martial laws.
If democracy is practiced with full spirit and soul it not only provides opportunities to the public to participate and economy to grow but also provides peace of heart and harmony at home. Change is brought into the dead mind and soul. But the type of democracy practiced in our beloved nation brings forth no such feelings as change is not apparent or significantly seen after so-called democratic elections.
Democratic history gives us an altogether different perspective. So far there is no real leader that has taken oath only for the sake of nation. The elite can give birth to a leader but not act in the interest of the general public at large. Generally, affluent people in society have the capacity to afford education from leading international universities and at the same time opportunity to exercise power.
We are encircled with deep-rooted mindset of Aitchisonisation in our systems which has not resulted in any blessings. Socialist and tsunamist mindsets cannot behave differently thus the resulting effects equalises. The current elite mindset starts dictating what they believe is to be right, bordering on egomaniacal behaviour. In this cage of limited knowledge and psychic prison they put lock on better avenues that could be explored. Most of the political and religious parties ‘leaders’ self-love is clearly reflected in their respective characters, moves and stagnant decisions.
Having a quick glance at historic episodes; Bhutto was killed by Bhutto himself, Nawaz Sharif is suffering due to his very own actions and it is likely that if Imran Khan comes in power he will also destroy himself. The putative democratic political parties’ policies, manifestos design and structures are not playing any role. Indeed, its leader-specific mindset becomes the trouble for its followers, who have no other option but to blindly follow them.
So far, there are very few incidents where the Pakistani electoral systems are questioned. This system is actually against democracy and people. Pakistan has a nature of actually not practicing democracy but a dictatorship in which low-income classes get trapped under their respective masters. The formula to win the electoral game is pretty simple.
Generally, voters are confirmed from multiple castes by providing them some of the infrastructural facilities such as construction of roads, installation of new transformers, new sewerages systems, and basic household utilities along with tall and false promises of development after the elections. Such traits and activities are the key ingredient of any successful election in the Pakistani culture. To keep the party united at the union council level is another science which requires tireless efforts. Similarly, to confirm the seats of MNAs and MPAs it requires further efforts both in monetary terms as well as a strong alliance in the concerned ministries. In addition, union council politics is not confined to professionalism and education. Therefore, failure is the fate of all those individuals (educated, well-mannered, well-behaved) who have tried the respective luck in this field.
Pakistani politics is not unique but it is disgusting. I am afraid that the Pakistani nature is prey to corruption, bribery, nepotism, and false promises, backbiting and all such societal evils. If the public at large is corrupt then leaders will not land from a different planet, they will be one of them.
In the prevailing uproar and chaotic political atmosphere, if Imran Khan gets power then it will not be surprising as the establishment, power poles and circumstances are in his favor. But as you sow so shall you reap- there is a real bone of contention. If the seeds are properly sown in fertile land it will automatically sprout good quality seedling but if there are abrupt disruptions it washes away everything, even roots.
After 70 years of independence it is high time for our nation to either make or break its destiny and eradicate the real cause (electoral system) disharmony from the grassroots level. We as nation need an electoral system which is understandable, transparent and comprehendible for everyone and not only confined to social stratifications.
In the prevailing circumstances, the election commission, judicial powers, army and most importantly media have to play a very significant role. It will not be voluntary participation indeed it is their obligation and part of their respective duties.
The drowning ship is need of such a referendum and leader which exhibits the right direction with passion and courage to think for a better Pakistan.
We need a system which is not purely for the sake of politics but for society. The current conditions are requesting the gavel, stick and ball to collectively take decision to act as a beacon of hope in exploring and enlightening the government.