Youth Business Loan

Loan up to Rs. 2 Million (Rs. 0.1 Million – Rs. 2.0 Million)
Only 8% markup per annum
Repayment of loans in eight years, with grace period of one year included in the total tenure
One personal guarantee required – No other security
90% Bank Loan and 10% Equity to be contributed by the Applicant. Your contribution could be in the form of cash or immoveable property and will be required after the approval of loan
50% quota for women, 5% quota for Dependents of Shaheeds, Widows and Disabled
Total No. of loans to be given are 100,000 for Year 2013-14
There is no cost of application form. However, Rs 100 has to be paid as processing charges to participating Banks at the time of form submission
Pakistani and AJK nationals, between 21 to 45 years of age can apply for the loan
Softcopies can be obtained from SMEDA (, NBP ( and FWBL ( websites. Hardcopies are available from all branches of NBP and FWBL and 25 SMEDA Helpdesk across Pakistan.
Maximum Loan under this scheme is Rs. 2 million. Businesses proposals / applications requiring loan financing of more than 2 million will not be entertained.
You can still use standard SMEDA feasibility without any alteration, and Banks will consider your request for the size of loan required irrespective of the loan amount calculated in the standard feasibility.
1 Recent Passport size photograph of the applicant
Photocopy of Applicants CNIC
Photocopy of Guarantor’s CNIC
Basic Borrowers Fact Sheet (Part A of form)
Guarantor’s Information (Part B of form)
Copy of SMEDA Pre-feasibility Study or Applicant’s own prepared Business Plan / Feasibility / Project Proposal.
Monthly installments will depend on the size of the loan. For your convenience, a financial calculator (excel based) has been developed and available at The installment amount does not include bank charges and just an estimate /approximation to give you an idea.
Loan applications can be submitted in all branches of following banks
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
First Women Bank (FWBL)
There is no minimum qualification requirement for obtaining Loan.
No, an application can be made at any time after the launch of the scheme.
Following individuals can provide guarantee for the loan applicants:
Government Employee of BPS 15 and above. With at least 8 years remaining service
Any other individual with sufficient net worth of 1.5 times of the loan amount applied for.
More than one person with cumulative net worth of 1.5 time the loan
Applicant himself if his net worth is more than 1.5 times the loan
Applicant can be an account holder of NBP or any other bank.
Net worth is total assets (Moveable or immoveable) in the name of the individual minus any liabilities such as loans from banks or other individuals.
Yes, Blood Relatives’ guarantee is acceptable to the Banks.
First Loan installment will be due after one year of loan disbursement
Following is the process flow of loan application:
Issuance of application form
Submission of filled application form
Front end screening
Form acceptance
Desktop verification
Telephonic verification
Physical verification
At Branch assessment
Credit approval
The bank will inform you about approval status of your application through letter / telephone call / SMS / email. The SMS will come from PMYouthProg, 80028 or will be made available on PMO website ( Confirmation from any other number / source should not be relied upon.
The bank will inform you about through letter / telephone call / SMS / email. The SMS will come from PMYouthProg or 80028 PMO website Confirmation from any other number / source should not be relied upon.
Please try and fulfill all the bank’s requirements in the first instance. However, if your application is rejected due to some procedural / documentation requirement, correct the mistakes, address the shortcomings and you can certainly apply again.
Sometimes businesses have problems. All loan beneficiaries are advised to give their best to make their business successful. It is also advisable to keep your banker informed of any problems, which may affect your ability to repay loan and seek technical guidance. SMEDA and the banks have been directed to put in place system of periodic guidance to the entrepreneurs in running their businesses successfully.
Details regarding delay charges and default cases can be obtained from the participating banks.
The scheme is for the benefit of people from across Pakistan and at the same time it is intended to develop maximum number of potential sectors of national economy. Therefore, it has been ensured that potential sectors and all geographical areas including rural areas are covered through the program.
15 days are required by participating banks to process the loan.
Yes, all businesses, including existing businesses, can apply for loan.
Yes, the borrower can opt for early retirement of loan without any penalty from the bank.
The borrower can make as many balloon payments as he/she wants.
No. If you are a bank defaulter, you are ineligible.
Yes, women can also apply for loan from NBP.