About ETDD

ETDD incubates devoted startups and supports them for professional sustainability, scaling up and leading growth. ETDD is supported by number of associates, venture capitalists, industries, technology companies and IP and legal services providers. ETDD deals in all business-related support under one roof as one window facility for its startups.

PITAC welcomes partners like universities, industries, incubators and support organizations for development of entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and growth of nation through economy innovation, creativity and technology development and modern business practices


  • Incubation space
  • Mentorship and connectivity
  • Lab infrastructure
  • Product development and production
  • Coaching on soft skills
  • Connectivity with mentors, investors, industrialists and partners
  • PITAC Startup Awards of Rs. 20000 and Rs. 30000


  • Entrepreneurship session to build business skills
  • Pre-incubation to align passion and capabilities with business field
  • Incubation for product development, piloting and commercialization
  • Acceleration to support for high growth and scaling up the business

2. Application

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Incubation Policy

Pre Incubation – One Month

The pre-incubation is designed to test the idea, commitment of startup team and basic training to make effective business planning. The startups having will and ability to explore opportunities take risk for next venture with available resources, are graduated from pre-incubation and enrolled in actual incubation process.

Procedure to Apply

  • Please get enrolled with ETDD
  • Fill up your form
  • Attend coaching sessions and field tours
  • Submit your business plan
  • Give final interview for incubation

Selection Criteria

  • High level of commitment for business
  • Team skill
  • Good articulation of problem and business scope
  • Good market research
  • Ability to share risk
  • Focus on real venture

Business Plan Outline for Incubation

  • Value proposition
  • Products and services
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Funding requirements
  • Capital structure
  • Milestones and timelines
  • Development and marketing plan
  • Organizational structure
  • Risk analysis
  • Projected financials
Incubation – Five Months

Five Months

The highly committed startups with expected sale and good products are incubated finally. The incubation period is quite challenging as startups are exposed to product development, sales and growth targets.

Support Services during Incubation by ETDD

  • Legal services i.e. Registration NTN, STN, Patent etc.
  • IT services will be provided i.e. website, social media marketing, network marketing ETC.
  • Marketing testing and evaluation
  • Industrial linkages
  • Human resource development
  • Business to business (B to and B) Business to Customers (B to C) networking
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Financial forecasting
  • Legal and financial guidelines
  • Relevant trainings and seminars for awardees
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Advertising and sale promotions
  • Royalty payment

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 2 founders and maximum 4 founders per team
  • The startup must have an element of technology in it e.g. internet, hardware, software, manufacturing etc.
  • DAE students in their final year may only apply for Pre-incubation


The startups having good sales and revenue but still needing space and mentorship are enrolled in acceleration program. This program focuses on sales growth, human resource development and business procedures of startups. The acceleration period will be 01-02 years depending upon the situation.

Termination Policy

  • If incubatee fails to meet the targets
  • If the review committee decides that the project is no longer viable
  • If awardee violate the PITAC code of conduct
  • Fail to provide regular progress, attendance and work inputs
  • Professional misconduct or unethical practices