Director General Message


Engr. Muhammad Irfan Zaheer

Director General PITAC
234-Ferozepur Road, Lahore
PH: (042)99230575 E-mail:

After a long time, I am highly privileged to share PITAC experiences and contribution to our nation. Unfortunately, in recent times Pakistan is suffering from manifold internal and external challenges and in state of economic crunch. Global crises 2008 not only hampered international growth rates but paved its way into political, social and economic instability for Pakistan as well. Industrial growth plays a vital role for sustainable growth. But, unfortunately Pakistan industrial sector has shown red signal to the economy which will soon adversen with rising economic instability. Thus, there is dire need to address the infection points such as lack of diversification, economic opportunities and vitalization of human capital. Moreover, focus should be on forming amicable relations with grey areas of Pakistan. As literacy rate is low in Pakistan and to overcome the problem there should be paradigm shift to bridge academia gap in industry. PITAC is a platform which has vigorously diversified not only basic but also advanced technical training to both skilled and unskilled individuals. It further acts as driver for economic activities and growth in eradication of poverty, reduction in unemployment and imports substitution through its designing and manufacturing facilities for production tooling equipment.
Let me share the art of living with composes of purpose, passion and performance. I am inspired from revealed knowledge Qurans which says:

“There is nothing for man except what he strives for”