Become a Seller or VA on Amazon Gulf, KSA, UAE and Noon Marketplaces

STARTING DATE:          Nov 27, 2021                    

DURATION:                      2.5 Months with lifetime support                     

MODE OF TRAINING:   Online and Face to Face

FEE:                                      Rs. 55,000/-

CLASS TIMING:To be decided mutually with students


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  • This course is created to share everything that needs to be learned in the process of creating a 6-figure retail arbitrage business in less than a year, or even while working part-time hours. That’s right!
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1.      Amazon overview – Gulf, kSA& UAE markets

2.      Product hunting on amazon Gulf,kSA& UAE

3.      Rapid launch strategies on amazon Gulf,kSA& UAE

4.      Social media marketing for amazon Gulf,kSA& UAE

5.      Gulf, KSA Amazon – Noon:

6.      Amadditional information


Duration                      4 Weeks (5 days a week)
Timing                          Morning & Evening
Learning Objectives:
Introduction of Spoken English:
Speaking interaction and production objectives

Ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics. </li.
Use simple phrases and sentences to describe where you live and people you know.

Listening objectives

Understand familiar words and very basic phrases about yourself, your family and immediate surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly.

Reading objectives

Understand familiar names, words and very simple sentences, for example on notices, posters or in catalogues.

Writing objectives

Write a short, simple postcard, for example holiday postcards.
Fill in forms with personal details, for example entering your name, nationality and address on a hotel registration form.

Duration                      4 Weeks (5 days a week)
Timing                          Morning & Evening
Learning Objectives:
Introduction of IELTS:
Aims of the course:
To prepare students for further ESOL or mainstream study destinations (including preparation for the IELTS examination)
To assist students to communicate more effectively and confidently in a variety of settings
Learning Outcomes:
SPEAKING: give a presentation; participate in an interview; participate in a group discussion; carry out goods and services transactions; report information, events and activities.
LISTENING: listen critically; listen for a more detailed understanding of text; extract key points from an oral account; interpret context in conversation.
READING: read critically; read intensively; demonstrate more advanced dictionary skills; demonstrate speed reading skills.
WRITING: write an essay; write a summary of a text; reconstruct a text from written notes; write formal letters; edit and correct own written texts.
Duration                      4 Weeks (5 days a week)
Timing                          Morning & Evening
Learning Objectives:
Introduction of English Short Hand:
During the course, you’ll complete a workbook that provides step-by-step learning and includes hands-on exercises; it will be yours to keep as a handy reference guide.
For further career progression, we recommend our Shorthand Faster course or choose from our comprehensive range of specialist secretarial courses, which can you develop to your full potential.
In just 10 hours, we will help you achieve a steady increase in your shorthand speed, dexterity and mental word-holding.
In addition, because this is a self-study course and you’ll have the flexibility to work at your own pace and to fit your training around your home and work commitments.
Some content:
Introduction to the Lesson: “Introduction”
The Lesson body broken down by topic: “Learn It”
Lesson Conclusion: “Conclusion”
Practice writing and audio activities following each lesson
Brief lesson review quiz
Highlighted key terms, checklists, exercises, and Web site resources will be threaded throughout the entire course when and where appropriate and necessary.
Making full use of this course, in its entirety, is the first step in getting more of what you want in life and business.